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With programs in Bible, music, and education, Foundations Bible College and Theological Seminary seeks to prepare its students to live in their generation with a life built on Christ, marked with Christian character, and expressed in biblical culture. Take time to explore our site to learn more about the church, school, and ministries of Foundations.

Veritas Supra Omnis
“Truth Above All”


Aug 07

Ladies Prayer Fellowship

Aug 7–8

Aug 19

Special Evening Services

Aug 19–21

Aug 19

Fall Semester Begins

8:00 AM

Aug 22

Evening of Fellowship

5:00 PM

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Has the Time Come for the Appointed Feet Of World History? – Part One

These are the sobering words penned by the prophet Daniel describing the feet and toes of the image of a man that Nebuchadnezzar saw in his dream. Depicting a series of world empires, the feet and toes of this image reveal the last world empire that culminates man’s final attempt to control all humanity. This dream was interpreted to the Babylonian king in response to his disturbing thoughts concerning what would follow his reign. Clearly, the dream was sent to him by the God of heaven, Who condescended to unveil to him what the unfolding of governmental history would be in the coming years after his rule. Yea, the revelatory dream disclosed the entire scope in God’s providence of the “times of the Gentiles.” Nevertheless, the dream culminated with Christ’s kingdom destroying the image of man and filling the entire earth as the final chapter of earth’s history.

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