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With programs in Bible, music, and education, Foundations Bible College and Theological Seminary seeks to prepare its students to live in their generation with a life built on Christ, marked with Christian character, and expressed in biblical culture. Take time to explore our site to learn more about the church, school, and ministries of Foundations.

Veritas Supra Omnis
“Truth Above All”


May 02

Afernoon Recitals

1:00 pm

May 03

General Recitals

7:00 pm

May 03

Kindergarten Graduation

8:00 am

May 12

Baccalaureate and Graduation Day

All day

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The Lord Gave the Word—Psalm 68:11

Psalm 68 commences by giving God praise in dealing with His enemies. As this psalm continues to unfold, we read of praise to God for His doings at Sinai and in the wilderness; and then of praise to God for the conquest of Canaan and a series of victories culminating in the full establishment of David as king over Israel. Within this context of praise, we read, “The Lord gave the word.” The understanding is that He gave the watchword, the word of promised victory, a word that initiated the period to do battle with the enemy. And, “great was the company of those that published it [that word].” This verse announces that there were those who went from house to house heralding the watchword of the Lord. These were the damsels calling the men to battle, declaring confidence in the Lord in their going to battle, because the word of surety had been given by God.

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