Why Choose Foundations?

Foundations Bible College and Theological Seminary has been sovereignly appointed to exist in the times of the end-time falling away. We desire for the Lord to bring to us any student who is longing to be taught of the Scriptures and who desires to live a biblical Christian life. Does such an individual see the collapsing of conservatism in all of its compartments, both philosophically and religiously? Does he or she have a hunger for a spiritual, holy life believing it is possible to know and live such a life in these times of change? If such a heart is longed for in the life, then Foundations is the place for that individual. We are not in existence for mountain climbing, football, golfing, basketball, and all of the frills that draw the flesh; we are here to draw the heart to God. Do you long for such a life with God or know of someone who does? Then we encourage you to contact or visit us.


Application Process

Those intending to enroll in Foundations Bible College must file an application for admission with the Director of Admissions. This application must be made on the official form provided by the College. All data, forms, transcripts, and immunization records required must be completed in the period of the first ten days of the semester, or the student’s enrollment may be terminated. All entrance requirements must be met by applicants whether the application is for full time, part time, or other. A complete high school transcript must be sent to the Registrar of the College.

Permission to enroll at Foundations Bible College is a privilege which carries with it certain responsibilities. The College maintains the right, to which the student concedes, to cancel enrollment and to require withdrawal whenever evidence indicates that the student is not conforming to the standards of scholastic effort and/or personal conduct established by the College.

Foundations Bible College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational and admissions policies or any school administered programs. Students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin are admitted to all the rights, privileges, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at Foundations Bible College.

Undergraduate School

Admission to the College is dependent upon scholastic attainment, Christian character, and ability to benefit by the programs that are offered in the Bible College. The College welcomes applicants who have a genuine desire for a Bible College education and who possess character traits which will enable them to fit properly into a Christian collegiate environment.

The minimum scholastic requirements are 20 acceptable high school units or their GED equivalent. A “C” average is necessary if the applicant is to be unconditionally accepted as a freshman.

Continued enrollment in the Bible College is dependent upon the successful completion of the first-year curriculum subjects and evidence of good academic achievement.

The College maintains the right to require of any or all applicants both oral and written tests and examinations as it deems prudent in the processing of an application.

Graduate & Seminary

Students are accepted to the Seminary and Graduate School only through application and written acceptance from the President who is also the Dean of the Seminary and Graduate School. Every student must have all transcripts from other schools and institutions sent to the office of the President.

It should be clearly understood that resident studies are necessary for completion of the Graduate program. Each Graduate degree requires the completion of either a project, thesis, or dissertation that is defended in an oral examination before the Academic Committee. An entrance examination in the field of languages is necessary, and a comprehensive examination in the field of the major must be completed and passed in the proper time of each program.

Entrance Requirements

For admission, the student must have an earned degree from the undergraduate level. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum. The Th.B. or equivalent and Th.M. are prerequisites for candidacy to the Th.D. program. A special student might be accepted for special courses without fulfilling the degree program, but graduate level is required. The undergraduate degree must substantially meet the program of study required of Foundations Bible College students, including sixty-four hours of Bible, sixteen hours of Biblical Languages, and twenty hours of Theology. The Dean of the Graduate School could require fulfillment of any deficiency. If the applicant, however, lacks such adequate undergraduate preparation for pursuing work on the graduate level, he will be admitted as a post-graduate special student while he is making up his undergraduate deficiencies. The student with undergraduate deficiencies should expect to take more time working for the advanced degree.


A student in the Seminary and Graduate School, although meeting the entrance requirements fully upon admission, is required to complete at least one semester of acceptable study before being recognized as a candidate for the advanced degree. He must maintain a grade of B to stay in graduate work.

Transferring Credits

No more than half of the hours required for a graduate degree may be transferred. In any case, a minimum of thirty credit hours is necessary for a graduate degree.