We invite you to join us on campus for one or several events at Foundations this calendar year. We have a number of opportunities for current students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends to be present with us throughout the year. Some of our annual events are featured on this page. Make plans to attend and view our calendar of events for more information on upcoming dates.


Annual Bible Conference

Our Bible Conference convenes from Palm Sunday through Resurrection Sunday. The preached messages are drawn from the theme of Christ, His Work and Offices, and the truths that are part of His intrinsic Person. Guests for the week may find lodging in nearby motels and meals can be secured in the Dining Common of the College campus.

Men’s Prayer Conference

This Conference meets in the month of June and is open for all Christian men to attend (seventh grade and up). It begins on a Thursday evening at 5:00 for an evening supper and continues through Saturday morning breakfast. Forty hours are dedicated to the preaching of six messages by our Pastor from God’s Word accompanied by the call to prayer throughout the appointed hours. There is no charge for attendance; all meals and lodging are free of charge. It is a time for the men to come apart from the duties and demands of life and give forty hours to seeking God together for spiritual refreshment and revival.

Marriage Conference

The Marriage Conference convenes in the month of July on an appointed Saturday. It begins at 9:00 A.M. and continues through 7:30 P.M. Teaching and preaching sessions are given throughout the morning and early afternoon hours which gives way to the married couples getting alone for a season of prayer and reflection upon their marriage. The noon and evening meals are provided as well as a special musical concert to conclude the day. As the Marriage Conference is convening, a full day is planned by the staff of Foundations for all of the children in order to free the parents for the Conference.

Ladies Prayer Fellowship

This appointed fellowship is open for Christian ladies to come in the month of August for a time of drawing away from the family and home duties to seeking the Lord. It begins on Friday at the noon meal and continues through the noon meal on Saturday. Some twenty-four hours are dedicated to four messages by the Pastor and his wife with seasons of prayer throughout the appointed hours. It truly is a precious time of fellowship for ladies and their daughters (seventh grade and up). There is no charge for attendance; all meals and lodging are free of charge.

A Congress for the Christian Remnant

Our Congress is scheduled in the early part of October beginning on a Wednesday evening and concluding on Sunday evening. Messages dealing with the end-time apostasy and the call to revival are given by invited speakers and the president and vice president of the Foundations Ministries. These messages are presented with the hope of encouraging the Remnant.

Along with these events, our ministry hosts youth retreats, musical events, seasonal services at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and a variety of other activites throughout the year. Again, check our full calendar for dates and times.