Undergraduate Programs

The courses in our curriculum are taught at the college level although the student may pursue several programs leading to separate goals according to his or her own individual background and purpose in attending Foundations Bible College.

Each program involves all of our seven departments: Bible, Theology, Biblical Languages, General Education, Christian Education, Fine Arts, and Practical Studies. However, the emphasis of each program is distinctively individual in the goal of the student.

All students who enter Foundations on a freshman level and attend four years will get a double major in whatever degree they pursue. That double major includes Bible and Theology, Bible and Sacred Music, etc. All four-year programs include a very definite major in Bible and a second major as well. Transfer students may get a single major if their credits equate to the Foundations Bible College Catalog. They must make up all deficiencies to receive a double major.

Undergraduate majors are Theology and Religious Education. Our undergraduate minors cover the areas of Sacred Music, Christian Day School Teacher, Special Christian Care (The Jacobus Principle), Christian Worker, Ministries and Missions, History, and the English Bible.

Degrees and Programs

  1. Christian Worker’s Diploma (non-degree program)
  2. Associate of Religious Education
  3. Bachelor of Religious Education
  4. Bachelor of Sacred Music
  5. Bachelor of Theology