Information such as transcripts (official or unofficial), letters of recommendation, or other information relative to a student or former student will not be released if the student has a delinquent account with the Foundations Bible College. This includes debts inherited by either person upon marriage as well as children enrolled in the Foundations Christian Academy.

To local, state, or federal agencies such as the FBI, SBI, police officers, military intelligence, all information pertinent to an inquiry will be released.

No information may be granted to any other agency, clinic, or individual without a written release from the student or parent or guardian.

No official transcript is to be sent without an official request from the receiving institution.

No official transcript is to be sent without the President’s approval, the College seal embossed on the transcript, and the signature of the Academic Dean.

An unofficial transcript will be sent to a former student only upon written request, approved by the President and the Academic Dean.

Transcripts are released upon the request of the student and upon the written request of an employer or a prospective employer if the request is written on a business letterhead.

There is no charge for the first transcript. Each additional transcript is $10 and is to be paid in advance of issuance.

Download Transcript Form (PDF)

Download the transcript request form below, which you may fill out, print, and then sign.

Transcript Request Form