About FBC

Foundations Bible College and Theological Seminary is in existence to proclaim, preserve, and practice religious faith, rather than to simply maintain the usual professional college of liberal arts programs. There is no purpose for its existence apart from the consuming desire to set forth the Bible college context from a spiritual base of the local church in the generation of its charter. We are not in existence for the purpose of political or national or secular reaction, but rather to set forth a true religious liberty as granted by the Constitution of the United States of America.

We seek to remain both firm and true to the legacy of God’s Bible Schools—the Bible! How easy it is for each generation’s leadership to veer off course and set a new precedent of purpose, believing that change is needed to adapt the Gospel to changing philosophical times. Bible schools of strong biblical persuasion abounded years ago; today, where are God’s schools?

This is why Foundations Bible College and Theological Seminary is necessary; we have refused to become a part of the religious, contemporary capitulating academia. We still believe in principles and standards by which to live, to preach, to evangelize, and to prepare students for this and the next generation. We had a biblical beginning and birth; therefore, there is no reason for us to change course from the vision given at our inception. The Old Path has been tried and proved; it is too late in history to try another way even if it appears to be successful. Success is not proved by the outward show and magnitude of a ministry but by the intrinsic purity of God’s Word and its judgment.

Accreditation Statement

Foundations Bible College and Church were founded in 1974 to be a place where anything that was true could be preached and taught without fear of condemnation from ecclesiatical leaders.

Our History

The presupposition of the Foundations Schools, a spirit set by the founder and first president, Dr. O. Talmadge Spence, has been to open its doors to any Bible-believing Christian who holds dear the formal fundamentals of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, who maintains a separatist position in personal sanctification and corporate ecclesiasticism, and who places practical emphasis upon the Christian life, sanctified evangelism, and spiritual revivalism. It has never been the position of the Foundations Schools to demand a historic theological system as the presupposition for the acceptance of staff, faculty, or student.

Our campus and community church is located in Harnett County, North Carolina and is just off Interstate 95 near Exit 77, not far from the intersecting of two major interstates, I-40 and I-95. Visit our contact section to communicate with us and see a map of our location.