Academic Integrity

The Foundations Schools are only in existence because of their dedication to Christian Education as presented in the Creed and the testimony given by the College and Seminary. Having been duly chartered in the state of North Carolina, it is our full intention and dedication to achieve academic excellence. The College and Seminary are registered according to North Carolina law.

The Seven Schools Within the College

Foundations Bible College has adopted the following format of Seven Schools for the student’s academic pursuit:

  1. The Institute. For special students who are not working on a bachelor’s degree (campus or correspondence studies).
  2. The School of Religion. For students who wish to pursue English Bible instruction and adjacent religion courses. This is a double major in Bible and religious education distinguished from Theology. It includes practical religious subjects and witness extension.
  3. The Divinity School. A Th.B. program which is especially designed for those who have been called of the Lord to be a minister of the Gospel as a pastor, teacher, evangelist, missionary. A call to the ministry, however, is not a necessity for this degree.
  4. The School of Fine Arts. Particularly for the students interested in pursuing some field of music or drama.
  5. The School of Church History. For those students whose interests and calling are to serve Christ in the teaching field of history.
  6. The School of Christian Education. For students who wish to teach in a Christian school on an elementary, secondary, and high school level.
  7. The Jacobus School. For students who are called to a ministry of Special Christian Care to those who have physical afflictions, remedial needs, or unusual abilities.

Our Faculty

Our faculty has been prayerfully chosen to serve in this ministry as servants of the Lord. They are dedicated to pouring out their lives to those whom God has brought to the student body in His Will.

The Educational Goal

The individual classes, teachers, charts, aids, examinations, and homework are all only a part leading the student on to something greater. Not even the degree itself is the end. There are other goals leading to a prime vision which leads even further to the end—the Lord Jesus Christ. The goals are only to lead us to the vision, and the vision is only our earthly view of the Lord Jesus Christ for our life.

In these days of the modern apostasy, let us remember that we are learning from many schools, but there is only one School that matters—the School in the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is all of grace! It is all for the exaltation of the name of the Lord Jesus! The end dictates the means, the schools, the work, and the life. Above all of the other degrees, let us remember the A.U.G. degree—APPROVED UNTO GOD.