Creed & Purpose

Our Creed

In the Foundations pulpit and classrooms, there will be an open pronouncement of the various truths announced in the Foundations Creed.

I believe in the verbal and plenary inspiration of the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments; the creation of man by God; the virgin birth of our Lord Jesus Christ; His redemption for the sins of mankind through His blood on the Cross of Calvary; the resurrection of His body from the tomb; His ability to save men from personal sins, to sanctify men from the power of sin, to separate men from the reputation of sin, to announce the distinction between being born of the Spirit and being filled with the Holy Spirit; the hope of the pre-millennial coming of Christ back to the earth; and, the gift of eternal life by the free grace of God.

Although this shall be the basis of the preaching and teaching of the Foundations Ministries, we want it to be clearly understood that it is not necessary for a Christian with whom we fellowship to feel obligated to accept our distinctive ordo salutus (order of sovereignty and human responsibility in the matter of personal salvation), ordo sanctus (order and terminology in the doctrine of sanctification), and ordo apocalupsis (order of events in the doctrine of the Second Coming of Jesus). We honestly believe that a Christian could view these three orders in a little different perspective without denying or destroying the belief in these biblical truths. On our part, we would never deny a student or brother or sister to our fellowship should he or she, through the Holy Scriptures, take a different position in the order of these precious truths. It is necessary, we believe, according to the Bible, to accept these truths (salvation, sanctification, and the second advent of Christ) as being essential to the Christian, but we do not demand in our fellowship of saints a particular theological system as the basis of that Christian fellowship. All theological systems came into existence after the completion of the New Testament, and Hyper-Calvinism and Hyper-Arminianism are theological systems which have gone to the extreme away from the biblical balance of the biblical paradoxes. We cannot see a basis of fellowship in either of these extremes.

While repudiating the heresy of Ruckmanism, the Foundations Ministries use only the King James Version in our public preaching and personal witness.

Our Purpose

  1. To establish and operate an institution of learning.
  2. To extend a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible and an understanding of historic Christian doctrine.
  3. To broaden and deepen the general education of students for effective living as Christian soul-winners and saint-builders.
  4. To inspire and instill missionary vision and dedication to worldwide evangelism based upon the fundamentals of the evangelical faith.
  5. In terminal programs, to prepare students to serve with competence in one or more spheres of Christian service; in preparatory programs, to provide readiness for related graduate studies. The main hub of learning is around the Bachelor Program of Christian Education.
  6. To foster and protect Christian culture in terms of refinement, appreciation, social attitudes, and skills.
  7. To educate students in relation to health and Christian regard for the body.
  8. To assist and stimulate a desire for continued growth in all these areas subsequent to campus experience.
  9. To assist and maintain in all studies, in all principles and practices, the Biblical Gospel of God in the areas of Christ, character, and culture, while keeping faith with our historic forebears of Christian history.
  10. The entire essence and hopes of this corporation shall be to secure an institution of learning based on the Holy Scriptures; taking a stand for or against those issues of our contemporary fashions that would be in harmony with those Scriptures, while announcing an uncompromising position for the old landmarks of historic Christianity.

Our Seal

FBC Seal
  1. The Name—Foundations Bible College—If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3).
  2. The Charter Year—1974.
  3. The Cross—towering over all things and setting forth God’s attack against the Apostasy.
  4. The Gathering Clouds—representing the gathering storm of the Tribulation Period as well as the Second Advent of the Lord. On the left, thundering and lightning represent the Apostasy; but on the right, the clear rays of the glory of the Lord’s coming in the clouds.
  5. The Seven Pillars—signifying the seven schools of the College.
  6. The Foundations Stone—veritas supra omnis, “truth above all.”
  7. The Enclosed Circle—remembering the encircling providence of God.
  8. The Hour Glass—thus indicating the moments of time given to our Christian Witness before the end of this Age.
  9. The Roofed Pavilion—acknowledging the protection of God’s Word.
  10. The Sheaf of Wheat—representing Biblical Holiness and Godly Character needed for the times.