Visit FBC

When to Visit

A visit to our campus while a semester is in session is an excellent way to learn what it means to be a student in our college and gain insight into the spiritual heartbeat of the school.

What to Expect

Your visit to the campus will include the opportunity to stay overnight in the dormitory, attend various classes, tour the campus, and meet with faculty and other students. Meals, lodging, and bedding are provided, and there is no financial charge from the time you arrive until you depart. This is a special opportunity just for prospective students who would like to see what Foundations is all about.

How to Dress

We respectfully request our visitors to be properly dressed in their visits on campus. We ask that the men wear dress pants, collared shirts, and ties (with sport coat or suit coat optional, except for classes and worship services). Ladies should wear skirts or dresses which come at least below the knee, and refrain from sleeveless, low-cut, and tight fitting clothing. Our Christian testimony speaks this in biblical love.

Schedule a Visit

Please contact the college office to arrange a visit. We look forward to hearing from you.