Graduate Programs

The Graduate School of Foundations Bible College is built upon a classical approach to biblical education and theology. The administration is dedicated to an education which brings into accord the development of man’s mind and heart for the greatest understanding of the student’s need of Christ, character, and culture.

The principles adorning Christ, character, and culture reveal that man is in need of developing his spiritual nature to be conformed to the image of Christ, as well as yielding the power of his will and the passion of desires to build Christian character and allow his mind and heart to be clothed with an understanding of that which is by God’s creation, law, order, design, purpose and beauty. But man is prone to separate his knowledge and intellect from the real need of purity and holiness. The church historian, Philip Schaff, said,

Beware of the pride of knowledge. Superficial knowledge puffs up (I Cor. 8:1); thorough knowledge makes humble. Genuine scholarship is modest, and knows how little we do know, and will be known hereafter.

The Foundations Theological Seminary and Graduate School are in existence to train the Minister, Christian Educator, Teacher, and general Christian Worker in how to live and minister for Christ in a complex society. These Graduate Schools are an opportunity for anyone who, as a born again Christian, believes the fundamentals of the Christian faith, longs for a deeper understanding of scriptural separation, and desires to bear fruit in his life to the glory of Christ.

The presupposition of a biblically saturated epistemology governs every class as a high academic level seeks to be hidden in Christ. Qualified teachers seek to combine thorough academic preparation with the balance of a heart overflowing from a personal knowledge of the grace of Christ. Foundations Graduate Schools desire to not only implant a knowledge of Christ and His Word but to also impart the Spirit of Christ demonstrated in a life of obedience to that immutable Word.

Degrees and Programs

  1. Master of Religious Education
  2. Doctor of Religious Education