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Dr. H. T. Spence


The Paradigm of Revival in End-time Apostasy

President of Foundations Bible College, and Pastor of Foundations Bible Collegiate Church
Date: Oct 14, 2018
Service Type: Sunday Evening Sermon
Text: 2 Chronicles 29:1–18
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The great need of revival among God's people amidst the End Time apostasy; the revival in the days of Hezekiah become a pattern for revival in the time of apostasy.

Sermon Notes

Excerpt from sermon:

“I think sometime that people state they’re on course. They’re maintaining their stand for God and with God and yet other things may become viable sights; they are not on course; they have left; they have veered away; and the destruction will be inevitable. This is always a danger to someone’s life. I think sometimes people, certain people, believe that they are the only ones that are right and others are veering off course and yet they are legalists; they have never come to a balance in their Christian life. There may be some precious things that should be in their life are not there in their life, but there is great comfort to know there are certain things not in their life. And then there are others that amidst the staying on course, the veering begins slowly, and we’ve got to deal with it carefully in our life; we’ve got to deal with it carefully in our home; we’ve got to deal with it carefully in the ministry, and it is going to take not only a Sovereign God, but it is also going to take His Word to keep us on course. There’s always the danger—there’s the danger here at Foundations that the music—how far do we go with the expansion of precious music in an honorable way. I remember the first time that the Sacred Concerto, which was played on Sunday morning here, and I requested for it to be presented, but I remember the first time that we did it, even in the practice I had great concerns, and the reason I had great concerns is because we never entered into, we never ventured into this area. Everything prior to this was very simple. Everything prior to this was according to the hymn book. Our pastor and founder wanted always a variety of music. We had the Evangelistic Choir that he requested, going back to the old Gospel hymns that called us to a life with God—very simple. But can we go on with God? Can we grow in God? I think when we get to Heaven, we are going to hear the greatest music in its perfection, not so much simple, but all in glorified bodies, led by the Holy Spirit as our Conductor, and the very Holy Spirit has taken the place of blood in the body—this is our life. What will be the perfection without teleprompters, without hymn books, without compositions before us as we sing in the highest glorified context that’s ever been known, but in perfection? This is a time when preaching is changing. This is a time when music is changing. This is a time when the standards of how we live, how we dress, what we’re drawn to—all of these things are beginning to change in our so-called Christian society, and will it ever get to the point we have churches that were Fundamentalists years ago believe they are still on course, and yet the devil has drawn them away, a little bit here, a little bit there, over a process of time, and all of a sudden we find ourselves literally on another road but we’ve convinced ourselves that that road is the right road for this time in history.”