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Dr. O. Talmadge Spence


The Olivet Discourse and the Home

Founder of Foundations Bible College
Date: Dec 31, 1969
Service Type: Wonderful Word Hour
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Sermon Notes

Excerpts from radio message:

“But right out of this tremendous, judgment-bound passage, this Olivet Discourse, with great trouble, with great punishment in the land, tribulation in the land, God reveals to us through the power of the Holy Spirit and His dear Son certain truths about the home. Truths that should lead to peace, because I know of no institution on the earth left whereby a man can guarantee to himself and to his family, peace greater than the home. In fact, the home is everything. The home is greater really than the church. The home is greater than the government. The home is greater than any institution, and we should in these days, these terrible days, these difficult times, we should promote the home, a godly home, a righteous home, a home where Jesus lives. We can invite Him in and He will dwell with us.”

“Oh, I think we need to work at the peace of the home. We need to work at the union of marriage. We need to maintain our integrity as husbands who have vowed in the marriage to our wives. The wives need to hold fast their vows to their husbands. Parents need to consider their children as an opportunity from the Lord to raise them in the nurture and admonition of the of the Lord Himself. Oh dear friend, what are you doing today about your home. We work a lot in the church, but what about the home. There’s a much to do today about the Christian Day School, and I believe in it, and we’re in cooperation with it, but no Christian Day School will ever take the place of what the home needs to do. We’re living in a troubled hour, dear friend, and if you’re a father, if you’re a mother, I want you to bow your head and heart at the close of this broadcast, and ask Almighty God to help you to be the kind of parent you should be. And if you are a child, and you know the Lord Jesus is your Savior, I want you to do all you can to build the home. We need to spend money, spend time, spend energy to build the home. The home is the greatest institution left on earth. It is probably the only institution on earth when God had Heaven in mind when He made it.”