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Dr. O. Talmadge Spence


The Naturalness of Christianity

Founder of Foundations Bible College
Date: Sep 9, 1992
Service Type: Wednesday Evening Sermon
Text: Song of Solomon 3:9; Song of Solomon 4:8, 11, 15; Song of Solomon 5:15; Song of Solomon 7:14
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A message exploring the word “Lebanon” in the Song of Solomon, and seeing it as the representation of the acquisition of all natural things, the ability to acquire natural things. The importance of natural things in the Christian’s life is emphasized, and how unfortunate it is when a Christian excludes legitimate natural things from their life.

Sermon Notes

Excerpts from the message:

“Since I was a child, I`ve never thought that Christianity was to be unattractive.”

“There are people who have found Lebanon in life and never found Jerusalem. But it`s sad when it`s inverted and you find Jerusalem and never find Lebanon. That to me is a dingy life. That`s a crummy life. Think of all the words back to my childhood. That`s an unfortunate life.”

“I remember the first time, very clearly, when I fell in love. I never had before. It was a whole new world. I thought about that, ‘My, here I am in love.’ It was just tremendous. And there were so many things. I learned how to drive an automobile. I was able to do thirteen miles in thirty-two minutes on my bicycle. I only missed the four-minute mile by about twelve seconds. It was tremendous. And reading books and going places, seeing things—Lebanon, just Lebanon, just Lebanon. We could have lived without Lebanon, but if you`ve ever tasted of Lebanon, you would never want to live without it again.”

“I have found Lebanon a friend, and every bit of it is helpful. All the streams from Lebanon, all the cedar wood from Lebanon, all the garments that smell. I really think that natural things are wonderful things.”

“I like children. I like the way they are guileless. I like their chatter. I mean if they are not filled with gossip and evil surmising. You know, that`s the wrong. That`s not from Lebanon. That`s another place. We`ll preach on that one night. But every thing in life—Lebanon are those natural, great benefits of living here on earth.”

“You can see that every thing from Lebanon is in this book. I love to see my wife when she was with child. I`ve heard of some men who didn`t like it. I think they`re off. You know, really off. They do not understand at all what is natural. I remember playing badminton with her, volleyball with her. I think I help break her finger once in it. Then tried to fix it back. It`s all Lebanon.”

“Jesus Christ`s whole countenance through all of His life—what a man He was! I know He was God. I understand that, but He was a natural person. I think one of the reasons why He never was discouraged is because He could see the potential of grace in one natural man.”

“Whenever life is filled with the glories of Lebanon, you really got a bonus. And most people have them all around them and don`t see them. They don`t see them. You have to look for it. There`s some people that have looked at trouble so long, they expect it, and they get it.”

“I think there`s nothing in this world greater than being a preacher. If I was a medical doctor I would think the same thing. But what I am I going to do with my ministry. I must be a good minister of the Lord Jesus. I must be personable, natural. You don`t have to be handsome, but you`ve got to be natural. I think that is one thing a woman will not tolerate is a man who is not masculine. That`s natural. She`s got to have messed up her life to not like that. I think it is something a man cannot take, is a lady who is not feminine, unless he`s messed up. If he`s messed up now, he`s not natural.”

“Use your brains. Use your body. Use your wardrobe. Use your shoes. Use your automobile. Use your food. Use your money. Use, use, use it. You may use it. You may even love yourself, but you cannot love yourself above your neighbor. That`s unnatural. To love yourself above your wife is unnatural, because love is a sacrifice. If you don`t have sacrifice in love, you don`t have love.”

“The Bible says it`s a wonder, the way of a man with a maid. That`s Lebanon talk; how to court a girl. Marvelous. You can`t just slue-foot around, walking barefooted with a straw in your mouth, and saying, ‘How 'bout us getting married?’ You can marry a scarecrow and improve that. I know I have a light heart tonight, but I`m talking about Lebanon. Do everything with a little finesse. That`s a good word. Do everything with a little delight.”

“If Christ is in our hearts, this life is filled with wonders. Don`t ever lose the wonder of life. Don`t lose the wonder of life in marriage; don`t ever lose the wonder of life in children; don`t ever lose the wonder of life in anything natural. Cultivate it. Make it grow.”

“I want you to remember this sermon. I want you to remember this sermon a long time. This sermon is a balancer.”