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Dr. O. Talmadge Spence


The Hope of a Tree

Founder of Foundations Bible College
Date: Mar 23, 1986
Service Type: Annual Bible Conference
Text: Job 14:1–22; Psalm 23:1; Hebrews 6:18–20
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People place their hope in a variety things outside of God. Our only hope is found in God and the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to see that hope carried on in our children.

Sermon Notes

Excerpts from the message:

“The biggest thing that goes on in any church service is a preacher preaching the Bible. It is not people singing and tapping their foot, and lollygagging around in a casual way with their shirt unbuttoned to their belly button. It`s when men who have been saved by grace have enough dignity and sense to humble themselves before the Almighty God through the preaching of the Word of God to that people.”

“He gave the universe to serve the galaxy, the Milky Way. He gave the galaxy, the Milky Way, to serve the planet Earth. And He gave the planet Earth to serve my body, and He gave me my body to serve my soul, and He gave me my soul to serve my God.”

“If you have a lot of religion, and you have not changed, you don`t have salvation.”

“It`s not only that I have hope in a tree, but as the head of my home, as long as my children live in my house, they have to respectfully accept my hope. If at any time a child gets to such a point of rebellion, they can no longer take the hope of the head in Christ, they must get their little suitcase together and go make their own life, because you cannot allow children to be the head of the home. And it`s not that you are going to abuse them.”

“When you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, I want you to know it satisfied a deep hope. But from now on, it`s in your children and your children`s children, that you are going to be accountable to Almighty God, and if they go to hell, they are going to have to go by themselves on their own, and through a proper admixture of love and chastisement. You are going to have to be the head of that home, or else there is no evidence you have the hope of that tree.”

“You are going to have to turn the hope of that tree into your sons and daughters, for there is where the future hope of this world lies is in the godly home....It`s back in the old Book, hallelujah, in the old Bible our grandmothers read. And it`s go back home and live right. There`s our hope. That`s our hope, for the home is greater than the church. The home is greater than the government. The home is greater than education. The home is greater than anything on this earth. It`s the nearest thing to Heaven, and the nearest thing you can make like Heaven on this whole earth. Everything else is about shot, but you can have a right home, if both of you`ll agree to have it.”