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Dr. O. Talmadge Spence


The Creation of Gender and Romance

Founder of Foundations Bible College
Date: Aug 24, 1986
Service Type: Sunday Morning Sermon
Text: Genesis 1:24–31; Genesis 2:1–25; John 12:24
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A sermon on how God created the longing within man and woman to fall in love and desire biblical companionship as opposed to being alone.

Sermon Notes

Excerpts from the sermon:

“God created gender and He created romance as the ideal way to perpetuate the distinction and beauty of gender.”

“I believe, because of other biblical patterns, there was some time in which Adam, king Adam, Lord Adam, went through that garden hunting for a wife like I did. I hunted for one, and the name of the journey is romance. I want to use that word because I believe it is one of the words in classical literature that can still be salvaged, that God intended for man to have a romance.”

“Girl, what you are longing for is the counterpart of you. Something that links you with the one you marry. Don`t come up with, ‘There`s not a man in the world fit.’ Don`t come up with that. That means God created junk, and He doesn`t do that.”

“I longed for a wife, and I`m not a sissy. I truly looked for a wife, and searched for her.”

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and I tell you that needs to be done. You are not weaned until you can do it.”

“I want you young girls to not be aggressive with the boys—knock them down with your love. Let them woo you, but please be won when he woos you....Man, get some feet to you, get some gumption to you. Court that girl.”

“There is nothing on this earth will make you stronger for God, besides God Himself, than loving faithfully your husband or wife till the end of your days. God is in favor of it.”