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Praying to God in Time of Trouble

Dr. H. T. Spence | May 21, 2003

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The Other Side of Prayer
Service Type: Wonderful Word Hour
Prayer Changes Me
Service Type: Wonderful Word Hour
God’s Keeping for Another Year
Date: Jan 7, 2018
Service Type: Sunday Morning Sermon
Scripture: Psalm 91:1–16
This Thing: Love and Wisdom from God for a Precious Marriage
Date: Jul 27, 2019
Service Type: Marriage Conference
Scripture: 1 Kings 3:10
Summary: This message is based on the prayer of Solomon when God appeared to him and said, "Ask What I Shall Give Thee." Solomon's response brought God's favor that he had asked "this thing." What are the things we ask God for concerning our marriage?)
But Deliver Us from Evil
Date: Jun 16, 2019
Service Type: Sunday Evening Sermon
Scripture: Matthew 6:9–13; Luke 11:1–4; 1 Peter 4:12–13
Summary: The Prayer that God will keep us from evil destruction through trials and temptations.
The Eucharist of Christ
Date: Nov 21, 2018
Service Type: Wednesday Evening Sermon
Scripture: Hebrews 5:7; John 6:11, 22–23; Matthew 26:26–29
Summary: The unique eucharistic prayer, the prayer of deep thanksgiving that Christ prayed at the Last Supper concerning His body and blood on the eve of His crucifixion.
The Paradigm of Christian Children
Date: Aug 26, 2018
Service Type: Sunday Evening Sermon
Scripture: Luke 1:39–45, 76–80; Luke 2:39–40, 52; Proverbs 8:17
Summary: Presenting the various patterns of raising children and the prayer that they might seek God early in life.
The Intercessory Work of the Coming Messiah
Date: Aug 5, 2018
Service Type: Sunday Evening Sermon
Scripture: Isaiah 62:1–12
Summary: The unfolding of Isaiah 62 in the light of Christ's pleadings before the Father in behalf of Israel, and a New Testament view of His prayers in our behalf.
Pillars of Manhood
Date: May 8, 1994
Service Type: Sunday Evening Sermon
Scripture: Leviticus 19:1–2, 37
Summary: A sermon unfolding the need of living in all the compartments of life, including faith, prayers, family, marriage, courtship, etc., drawn from the regulations of Leviticus 19 with a practical Christian application.
Riding Old Paths
Service Type: Wonderful Word Hour
Summary: A message to call us back to the ancient landmarks and the old paths of biblical principles of living from the prayer room to the living room.