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There Is No Fear in Love

Dr. Dennis Lowry | Sep 21, 2008

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The Paradigm of Christian Children
Date: Aug 26, 2018
Service Type: Sunday Evening Sermon
Scripture: Luke 1:39–45, 76–80; Luke 2:39–40, 52; Proverbs 8:17
Summary: Presenting the various patterns of raising children and the prayer that they might seek God early in life.
The Intercessory Work of the Coming Messiah
Date: Aug 5, 2018
Service Type: Sunday Evening Sermon
Scripture: Isaiah 62:1–12
Summary: The unfolding of Isaiah 62 in the light of Christ's pleadings before the Father in behalf of Israel, and a New Testament view of His prayers in our behalf.
Riding Old Paths
Service Type: Wonderful Word Hour
Summary: A message to call us back to the ancient landmarks and the old paths of biblical principles of living from the prayer room to the living room.