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Dr. O. Talmadge Spence


Riding Old Paths

Founder of Foundations Bible College
Date: Dec 31, 1969
Service Type: Wonderful Word Hour
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A message to call us back to the ancient landmarks and the old paths of biblical principles of living from the prayer room to the living room.

Sermon Notes

Excerpts from the message:

“Where is the old path of repentance, whether you stand and pray as a Presbyterian, or whether you kneel at a mourner`s bench like a Methodist, or whether you go to a prayer room? Where is the hallway that leads to the family altar, to the place of repentance and prayer? Oh, how we need to re-walk or re-ride these old routes!”

“Where are the husbands who are the heads of homes and the children who were obedient to their parents? We are raising our children by remote control through baby-sitters, from the dance hall and the card parties and the theater houses.”

“So many mothers think that being a wife and a mother in the home does not take any ability at all. They are no longer content to be a mother to a child that they brought into the world, but they long for the career that sets them free from the responsibilities before them. Well, if it doesn`t take much to be a housewife, why are so many of our children in trouble with society and with God? In reality, we need to get back to some of the old paths, the old principles of honor and honesty, and the only way we can get back is by way of the Cross.”

“There are different theological systems that tell us we get it all when we`re saved, and yet they immediately, after a week or two, say you need to rededicate yourself to God. And then there are others who don`t believe we get it all when we`re saved; you have to have a second and third blessing. Well, let me tell you this, dear friend, if you got it all when you`re saved, you still need to return for a refreshing drink, and you`ll never find in just a simple second or third blessing all that you are going to need experientially for the future.”

“You know, mother, if in reality it is as the modern home says, ‘It doesn`t take much to run a home or to be a housewife,’ you know it really must take something miraculously and divine if we`re going to fulfill Christianity back at the kitchen sink. There`s more to it than building a house. You`ve got to build character in a home.”