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Dr. O. Talmadge Spence


Pillars of Manhood

Founder of Foundations Bible College
Date: May 8, 1994
Service Type: Sunday Evening Sermon
Text: Leviticus 19:1–2, 37
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A sermon unfolding the need of living in all the compartments of life, including faith, prayers, family, marriage, courtship, etc., drawn from the regulations of Leviticus 19 with a practical Christian application.

Sermon Notes

Quotes from the sermon:

“It`s very obvious that the Bible intended man to live in all the compartments of life. How often have we told the students in the teaching in the Bible classes that there are many compartments to life. There`s the compartment of faith, the compartment of prayers, the compartment of family, the compartment of marriage, the compartment of finance, the compartment of education, the compartment of sanitation, the compartment of clothing, the compartment of courtship. Some people, holiness people, think that the fewer compartments of life you live in, the holier you are, and that you are not suppose to live in the compartment of family or the compartment of fun. You should not be in the compartment of happiness. I`m very sorry about the holiness people—I`m talking about the holiness churches in America—they had a wonderful opportunity. They had a good foundation, but they turned it into a very sad and a very legalistic system.”

“Twenty-two regulations in one chapter [Leviticus 19], twenty-two areas of public life, and will we come out of it a libertine, a legalist, or a disciple disciplined.”

“I think I am offering a boy or a girl, eight of the best things I could offer him next to Jesus....Wouldn`t be wonderful to build a house, to marry a wife (and, a husband), to watch a storm, to spend a thousand dollars wisely, to write a book, to plant a tree, to compose a song, and have a son. I could add, and live long enough to see your grandchildren, and live long enough to be an example. You can boil all my preaching down to things like that, because I don`t believe in Christianity just theologically. I believe it must be in my life or I doubt I know it, and it`s got to be headed for character or I will never keep it.”

“Just live your life. Live your life well, will you? That`s all God wants us to do. He`s not asking for a political structure. This is the reason why it can never be until Jesus is King of kings because all the citizens are born in sin. If we could just learn how to court, build a house, marry a wife, become acquainted with a storm now and then, spend our money wisely, leave something in a book for longevity, plant a tree, get a song..., and have a son.”