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Dr. O. Talmadge Spence


A Husband’s Crown

Founder of Foundations Bible College
Date: Dec 9, 1990
Service Type: Sunday Evening Sermon
Text: Proverbs 12:4
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A sermon exhorting the woman to be the crown to her husband`s head and find her strength in being that crown for her husband.

Sermon Notes

Selected quotes from the sermon:

“In viewing the testimonies of some of our troops in Saudi Arabia, every now and then a woman in her fatigues uniform would stand forth before the television camera, and wish her children back home her love. What a hypocrisy! You can`t love children by remote control. You can`t even love them by way of baby sitters. You can`t even love them by way of nurses. A baby has to have a mother. And that which crowns that home is when that woman has found her place with those children, and her place with her husband. Our country is in its greatest sin when it breaks and divides the home.”

“If you`re having trouble in your marriage, don`t tell everybody: probably nobody but your pastor and wife. If it is of a feminine nature don`t tell me, tell my wife. But the more you tell it, the more you lose respect for any restoration. If you tell it too many times, it will never be restored. Even after it gets right, the people will remember it, and you will have destroyed something. Don`t hide your sin, but don`t parade them and talk about them to everybody.”

“We have missed so many things by limiting the definition of Christianity. We have missed so much because women wanted to sit on the throne and men wanted to be crowns.”

“God wants us to find the girl that meets our need in every sense of the word—physically, mentally, spiritually. And yet the girl has to want to meet her husband`s need.”

“I do not believe it is ever proper for a man who wears that crown to ever speak out of her presence against her. And I do not believe—I will not trust a woman for anything in a church who just talks and talks and talks and talks against her husband.”

“I am so thankful in this church here—we have had marriages, and separation, and divorce, and the grace of God pick it up. I`m glad I`ve seen that since I`m living in the twentieth century.”