Rome: Crusade or Crucible?
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Rome: Crusade or Crucible?Softcover O. Talmadge Spence A seqel to Charismatism: Awakening or Apostasy?, documenting the relationship between the Charismatic movement, Roman Catholicism, and the Ecumenical movement.
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From the Back Cover

This is the second in a series of four books written by Dr. O. Talmadge Spence concerning all aspects of the current Neo-Christianity moving successfully through the Electronic Church around the world. The four books are:

Charismatism: Awakening or Apostasy?
Rome: Crusade or Crucible?
Pentacostalism: Purity or Peril?
Satan: Sanctuary or System?

Rome: Crusade or Crucible? extends the material introduced by Dr. Spence in the first book, Charismatism: Awakening or Apostasy? The burden of this author, who has made a complete exodus from Pentacostalism, concerns the fact that Neo-Protestantism (Neo-Evangelicalism, Neo-Orthodoxy, Neo-Morality, Neo-Ecumenism, etc.) is beginning its return to Roman Catholicism through the Charismatic movements.

This documented presentation also sets forth a certain spirit and direction which Bible believers should take in these ominous but eschatological days. This is a time when the temptation to the Fundamentalists and the Evangelical is to either become only militant against the apostasy without being magnificent for the Lord or complacent and neutral in attitude without separation from the contemporary movements. This book must be read with care and prayer.

Table of Contents

1. Rome: Conceived in Babylon
2. Rome: Born in Italy
3. Rome: Reared in the Church
4. Rome: Refuted by the Reformers
5. Rome: Renewed by the Neo-Ecumenists
6. Rome: Restored by the Apostates for Antichrist
7. Rome: Refused by the King of Kings