Confronting Contemporary Christian Music
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Confronting Contemporary Christian MusicAudio CD H. T. Spence A plain account of Contemporary Christian Music, its history, philosophy, and future; highly researched, with convincing evidence. A Christian View of the Philosophy of Music is a companion set of sermon tapes on this controversial subject.
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My desire in this unpretentious manuscript is to present a "principia" handbook for Christian students and teachers in the light of their generation’s music. Five chapters are dedicated to biblical principles in the context of our contemporary. Biblical principles must be seen before we will see what is happening both in the world and, more specifically, in the conservative churches across our land. If these early chapters are not read, the following chapters will reap no true appreciation and understanding, for out of "principle" comes "conviction"; otherwise conviction is simply a bias or prejudicial belief. The remaining chapters will focus on the subject of music itself. Three chapters deal with the history and philosophy of secular rock, a more pointed analogy of the world-wide powerful influence of the Beatles, and the rise of deva music in rock culture. Another chapter presents the history of music through church history, followed by a chapter presenting the birth and growth of "Gospel Music," and the final chapter deals with the history and present trends in Fundamentalist music. A "Postlude" concludes my thoughts in the light of a present need and future hope.

The title of the book, Confronting Christian Contemporary Music, may seem somewhat forthright. But we are living in a time when this music has the manner of Goliath, the uncircumcised Philistine, coming before the Camp of God. As young David of old, the giant CCM must be confronted with the stones from the brook of God’s Word. It is not only a philosophical battle; it is a spiritual one. May God dispel the fear and timidity among His people, so that they may rise up and confront this carnal, uncircumcised music invading our churches, for it is bold in its sounds and unseparated in its message.

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