Christian Worker’s Diploma


The purpose of the Christian Worker’s Diploma is to give opportunity for an individual to pursue a program of study without the prerequisite of a high school diploma or a college degree. This program is for the busy Christian worker who knows that he or she is in the will of God in a present ministry but would appreciate an opportunity to study at his or her own pace with a purpose and goal.

Instead of a credit-program, this is a unit program of completed courses, and a form is to be sent in by the student upon the completion of each of the designated courses. Each program is arranged by the Academic Dean according to the personal need of the student in order to achieve a well-rounded ministry within his or her present ministry.

A minimum of 96 units in the following areas is needed to receive the Christian Worker’s Diploma.

  1. 48 units in Bible
  2. 32 units in General Education
  3. 6 units in Language Study
  4. 9 units in Christian Education and Theology
  5. 5 units in Practical Studies or Ministries
  6. 5 units electives assigned.

To accomplish the required areas of study, the student would draw from a variety of resources as follows: Foundations study lectures from the Books of the Bible, Music, Greek, Homiletics, Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, Prexy Forums, Prexy Seminars, and others; Foundations pulpit sermon recordings; Foundations periodicals received through the mail; and books from the Foundations founder such as his Commentaries on The Pentateuch, The Book of Joshua, The Song of Solomon, The Book of Revelation; Charismatism: Awakening or Apostasy?, Rome: Crusade or Crucible?, Satan: Sanctuary or System?, Pentecostalism: Purity or Peril?, Scriptural Separation, The Quest for Christian Purity, The Human Spirit, Vols. 1,2, and others.