This degree is the regular seminary degree for ministerial students beyond a college bachelor’s degree. This degree does not demand the usual examinations which accompany the doctorate. The Master of Divinity is appropriate for those who are desirous of a Master of Ministries. Practical studies may be equated for the pastorate and other practical ministries of the candidate. A minimum of 96 credit hours is needed for this degree.

Typical Course Schedule

  1. Biblical Studies
  2. Greek III
  3. Advanced New Testament Theology
  4. Pastoral Theology
  5. Pastoral Problems
  6. Elective
  1. Biblical Studies
  2. Hebrew II
  3. Christian Ethics
  4. Philosophy of Christian Education
  5. Methods of Church Administration
  6. Remnant Theology
  7. Elective
  1. Biblical Studies
  2. Biblical Linguistics
  3. Church History
  4. History of Christian Doctrine
  5. Comparative Theology
  6. Elective