Within the vision of Foundations Bible College is the desire for witness extension. This vision involves the students of the college participating in the burden of witnessing for Christ in a variety of contexts. The students are joined by members of Foundations Bible Collegiate Church in the hope of declaring the gospel of Christ to others.


Prisoners of Hope
"Turn you to the strong hold, ye prisoners of hope" Zechariah 9:12.

From the early days of the Foundations Ministries, the burden to preach the gospel to the incarcerated has led us to a number of jails and prisons. The ministry to prisoners eventually included the weekly publication of the Prisoners of Hope. We have also given away Bibles and provided Bible studies to the prisoners.


Simeon Ministry

"And it was revealed unto him by the Holy Ghost, that he should not see death, before he had seen the Lord's Christ" Luke 2:26.

Another weekly ministry of the college and church is the preaching to the elderly in several local nursing homes. As in the case of the prison ministry, the nursing home ministry has been carried on since the early days of the Foundations Ministries. The verse above represents our hope for those near the border of eternity, that they should not see death before they see the Lord's Christ.


Foundations Builders for Christ

"And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in" Isaiah 58:12.

It is the privileged burden of the Foundations Ministries that God to bless us so that in return we may prove to be a blessing to others. This includes assisting other ministries that are in need of expertise of builders. This could be in the area of new construction, restoration, expansion, tearing down and rebuilding. We want all of our men to have a heart to assist in any way they can. Each mission may call upon the expertise of a variety of men in a variety of building areas.

"Canst thou send lightnings, that they may go, and say unto thee, Here we are?" Job 38:35

Foundations Amateur Radio Society falls under one of the societies of Foundations Bible College. More information on FARS may be obtained by visiting the society's web site.

Overview of the Ministries of Foundations

Foundations Bible Collegiate Church
(Mother Church Of The College)

Foundations Bible College & Seminary
(Two to Four Year Programs In The Areas Of Bible, Theology, Music, and Christian Education)

Foundations Graduate School
(Master’s Degree Level Through Doctorate)

Foundations Christian Academy
(Kindergarten Through Twelfth Grade)

Christian Purities Fellowship
(Outreach Ministry in Publications & Missions)

Foundations Press & Companion Press
(Publishing Arms Of Foundations: Books, Textbooks, Music, Monthly Newsletters, etc.)

“Straightway” Publication
(Monthly Publication Dealing With The Contemporary Times In The Light Of Scripture)

Prisoners Of Hope Ministry
(Prison Services & Bible Studies, Weekly Newsletter, Correspondence Courses, etc.)

Simeon Senior Citizen Ministry
(Nursing Home Services, publications, etc.)

Foundations Amateur Radio Society
(Ham Radio Society, Worldwide Outreach Missions,
Emergency Communication for Harnett County)

Foundations Audio Ministry
(1000s of Tapes, CDs Annually Of Preaching, Teaching, & Music)

FBC Radio
Campus-based Radio Station Airing Sacred Music and Bible Preaching 24/7

Foundations Builders For Christ
(Helping in Construction and Building For Missions Around the World)

Radio – “The Wonderful Word Hour”, “The Christian Woman”,
and "Forwarding the Faith"

(Radio Outreach Ministries On A Number Of Radio Stations)

(1600 Art Pieces Presenting World History, Church History, and Biblical History)

Special Meetings & Events

There are a number of special meetings and events that are scheduled throughout the year by the Foundations Ministries. These seasons of spiritual emphasis are prayerfully appointed to help God’s people in these days of the deep falling away.


This Conference meets in the month of June and is open for all Christian men to attend. It begins on a Thursday evening at 5:00 for an evening supper and continues through Saturday morning breakfast. Forty hours are dedicated to the preaching of six messages by Dr. H. T. Spence from God’s Word accompanied by the call to prayer throughout the appointed hours. There is no charge for attendance; all meals and lodging are free of charge. It is a time for the men of coming apart from the duties and demands of life and giving the forty hours to seeking God together for spiritual refreshment and revival.


This appointed fellowship is open for Christian ladies to come in the month of August for a time of drawing away from the family and home duties to seeking the Lord. It begins on Friday at the noon meal and continues through the noon meal on Saturday. Some twenty-four hours are dedicated to four messages by Dr. and Mrs. H. T. Spence with seasons of prayer throughout the appointed hours. It truly is a precious time of fellowship for ladies and their daughters (seventh grade and up). There is no charge for attendance; all meals and lodging are free of charge.


This conference convenes in the month of July on an appointed Saturday. It begins at 9:00 A.M. and continues through 7:30 P.M. Teaching and preaching sessions are given throughout the morning and early afternoon hours which gives way to the married couples getting alone for a season of prayer and reflection upon their marriage. The noon and evening meals are provided as well as a special musical concert to conclude the day. As the Marriage Conference is convening, a full day is planned by the staff of Foundations for all of the children in order to free the parents for the Conference.


Two youth retreats are provided throughout the year: one convenes for five days in the month of July and another one convenes for 2 ½ days in the month of October. These are open for the entire family to attend. A special camp is leased for these two seasons that provides cabins and all of the provisions needed for a lovely retreat. The retreat in October is especially planned for Foundations Christian Academy and Foundations Bible College and Seminary. These briefs days are dedicated to special teaching sessions and times of recreation and fellowship.


In these days when the Fundamentalist movement has entered a spiritual death and as a consequence is mutating into Neo-Evangelicalism, there is now a need for the remnant in the earth to get back to the historical legacy of the movement. The remnant are those from around the world who are grieved over the apostasy that has come to every segment of public Christianity and into the world governments. They are looking for the true Word of God for their hearts as they know Christ’s return is imminent (Amos 8:11–12). This Congress is for those who identify with the remnant, those who see the conditions of our times, those who want a deeper walk with God, and those who are taking their stand against the apostasy. This Congress is held the first week of October.


Our Bible Conference convenes from Palm Sunday through Resurrection Sunday. The preached messages are drawn from the theme of Christ, His Work and Offices, and the truths that are part of His intrinsic Person. Guests for the week may find lodging in nearby motels and meals can be secured in the Dining Common of the college campus.