Search and Filter tips

By Title Field Search

You can enter part of a word (e.g. consecra) to match consecration, consecrated, etc. Title searches first looks at all words and then the individual words. Avoid putting search text in double quotes.

By Date Field Search

The search engine supports search on the Date field. Choose the date option in the filter select box. Then select the appropriate year, or year and month combination from the select boxes to filter records based on date.

By Event Field Search

To limit records by the type of event, choose the event option shown in the select box. Then choose the appropriate event category shown in the select box that will appear.

By Scripture Text Search

Records may be filtered by the Scripture Text field. Choose the Scripture option from the filter select box. You may then select either the book of the Bible, or the book and chapter.

By Speaker Filter

On the sermon details page, you may click on the speaker's name to limit records to only that speaker, or you may go to the speaker page and click on one of the speakers shown on that page.