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The Purpose of Parents

Dr. O. Talmadge Spence | May 4, 1986

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Pillars of Manhood
Date: May 8, 1994
Service Type: Sunday Evening Sermon
Scripture: Leviticus 19:1–2, 37
Summary: A sermon unfolding the need of living in all the compartments of life, including faith, prayers, family, marriage, courtship, etc., drawn from the regulations of Leviticus 19 with a practical Christian application.
Holy Intimacies
Date: Sep 6, 1992
Service Type: Sunday Evening Sermon
Scripture: Song of Solomon 6:4–9; Song of Solomon 7:10–13; Song of Solomon 8:8–10
Summary: This message explores the Song of Solomon to deal with the holy intimacy of love and its importance of being properly seen in the family, and perpetuated to the children.