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With programs in Bible, music, and education, Foundations Bible College and Theological Seminary seeks to prepare its students to live in their generation with a life built on Christ, marked with Christian character, and expressed in biblical culture. Take time to explore our site to learn more about the church, school, and ministries of Foundations.

Veritas Supra Omnis
“Truth Above All”


Jul 30

Marriage Conference

All day

Aug 12

Ladies Prayer Fellowship

Aug 12–13

Aug 24

Special Evening Services

Aug 24–26

Aug 24

Fall Semester Begins

8:00 AM

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The World’s Call for a Final Revolution

The national and global events of our more recent years have clarified that the so-called Deep State is ready to finalize the pursuit of a New World Order. It is seeking a revolution that will destroy everything we have held dear in this country. Part of this revolution has been the aggressive rise of a cancel culture to abolish all speech directed against this New World Order. Cancel culture is a modern form of what was known as ostracism, “a banishment from one’s native country; a being shut out from society, from favor, from privileges, or from association with one’s fellows.” When someone is thrust out of social or professional circles, whether it be online or in person, he is a victim of cancel culture. Those who are subjected to this ostracism are said to have been “canceled.”

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