The Quest for Christian Purity
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The Quest for Christian PurityHardcover O. Talmadge Spence This book is to help the believer in their Christian life if their desire is to know a pure life in Christ. The answers to the struggles of the heart are not found immediately after being saved, but require the quest of a lifetime. This book does not support the Neo-Christianity of our time; it does not bring comfort to the carnal heart. A call comes forth for the Christian to pursue a life marked by purity and holiness. The book presents this quest in a Biblical and Systematic study of twelve sections of Systematic Theology in their relationships to the doctrine of Sanctification. It is well suited for the classroom or the library at home.
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Excerpts from the Book

Although I was gloriously saved by the grace of God, I struggled much with the flesh and the will of God. I met my dear wife while the Holy Spirit was dealing with me about the need of salvation by grace, and we married after I became a Christian. She is well aware of those early days of struggle for me in coming to a hunger for purity and consecration in the grace of God. She also knows of the entire quest which has been mine through all our wonderful years together since we married in 1947. After I was saved by grace, my soul was awakened to the Holy Scriptures and the longing to be free from my own will and way.

After my own personal struggle, I realized that the Bible revealed that the Lord Jesus desired to live in my very life. I knew I was saved and reconciled with the Father through the merits of the Lord Jesus in heaven. But the blessedness of the Intercessions of the Lord Jesus in my behalf on earth was suddenly opened to my heart on earth. A great truth came to my soul: Jesus is, at this moment, praying for me.

The urgency of sin demands an instant work; the care of maturity pleads for more time.

Table of Contents

Part One: Bibliology
1. God Hath Said
2. The Indispensable Word of God—His Power Harnessed
3. The Completeness of Scriptural Revelation
4. Necessities for the Written Word
5. The Miracles of the Word of God
6. The Hypostatic Unions in Balance
7. The Angel of the Way of Truth
Part Two: Anthropology
8. Adam—Who Art Thou?
9. The Beginning of Self
Part Three: Hamartiology
10. The Human Nature Versus the Sin Nature
11. The Sin Nature Defined and Distinguished
Part Four: Christology
12. The Self Life of Jesus Christ in His Humanity
13. Christ Revealed the Purpose of Dust
14. Christ in the Common Cycle of Life
Part Five: Soteriology
15. Salvation and the Double Cure
16. Saintliness and Sin
17. Pentecost and Purity
Part Six: Somatology
18. The Problem of the Christian's Body Stated
19. The Christian's Common Cycle of Life
20. God in Circumstances
21. Problematic Materialism
22. The Rationale of Sacrifice and Suffering
23. The Suffering Son and His Sons
24. Synonyms of Suffering
25. Petrine Suffering and the Sources of Affliction
26. Reasons for Suffering
27. Faiths
28. Circumstances or Circumspectly—Which?
29. Divine Healing as in the Atonement
30. The Ecumenical Body
31. The Highlands and Lowlands of Holiness
Part Seven: Pneumatology
32. The Power of the Gospel
33. The Centrality of the Gospel
Part Eight: Hagiology
34. The Question of Saintliness
35. Saints Amidst the Apostasy
Part Nine: Teleology
36. Godliness By Process and Design
37. The Glory of Christ By Design
Part Ten: Paradoxy
38. The Biblical Paradox and History
Part Eleven: Eschatology
39. Theological Systems and the Last Days
Part Twelve: Eternitology
40. Longing for Eternity with Christ