The Rise and Fall of Historic Christian Fundamentalism
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The Rise and Fall of Historic Christian FundamentalismSoftcover H. T. Spence
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For nearly 150 years, God has profoundly used the Christian Fundamentalist movement as a Valiant-for-Truth to fight in the End-time battle against the final apostasy of the Church on earth. This God-ordained movement has been the war horse that carried God’s remnant into battle; it has been the instrument in God’s hand to confront the apostasy of the 19th and 20th centuries; it has been the soldier that stood without apology for the infallibility of the Bible; and it has been the voice for Truth echoing around the world against the encroachment of Neo-Christianity, Roman Catholicism, and ecumenicity. Amidst its human frailties, the movement had a noble birth and rose in history to be the bastion of Truth for the Lord’s Word and a refuge for His people.

In recent decades, however, we have been witnessing the decline of Christian Fundamentalism first through its flirtatious manner with the Neo-Evangelicals and now with its desire to be assimilated into the vortex of the Neo crowd. With this increased admiration for Neo-Christianity, Fundamentalism more and more disdains its own legacy; it now seeks to redefine itself in order to promote greater fellowship with Neo-Christianity. Its fall has become evident in its embrace of contemporary music; its colleges and universities boldly accommodate its standard seeking acceptability of the secular world; and in order to permit these changes, it is now redefining its interpretation of the Scriptures.

What has brought about this radical decline? What are the symptoms of this movement’s demise? This book candidly gives the journey of the movement’s rise and fall, as well as—based on biblical principles—what its future must finally be. This book presents an overview of the sad story of this once militant-but-magnificent movement’s rise and fall to its present desperate state. May the Lord speak to the remnant here and abroad to remain true to the Word of God and its principles; may they never allow modern American Fundamentalism to corrupt its way into their churches, causing them to be swept away into its own present captivity.