The Canon of Scripture
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The Canon of ScriptureSoftcover A Survey Study of the Sixty-six Books of the Bible H. T. Spence This second edition has added some 51 pages of additional material to the original publication. The book is filled with background materials covering each of the books of the Bible along with charts and diagrams that will assist the reader in his studies of the Scriptures.
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After over forty years of teaching and preaching the Bible in Bible colleges, seminaries, and churches, we believe the time has come to place in writing our survey teachings of the Bible. Therefore, we introduce this Bible Survey with the hope that it will assist both laymen and ministers in their study of God's Sacred Book. Although the word survey in this context is used in a noun form, the verb means "to look over as from a height or to view something in its entirety." Therefore, Bible survey presents a panoramic view Scripture, including the scope of each book of the Bible and of the Bible as a whole. Each book of the Bible carries its own distinct message; collectively the books form a unit called the "Bible": sixty-six unique, individual books, yet together they make up the singular unit of God's eternal Word for man.