Crucial Truths for Crucial Days (Volume One)
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Crucial Truths for Crucial Days (Volume One)Softcover Pertinent Articles from the Straightway Publication H. T. Spence

Crucial Truths for Crucial Days (Volume Four) is a compilation of articles taken from Straightway, the published voice of the Christian Purities Fellowship, an outreach arm of Foundations Bible College.

The word crucial in its primary meaning suggests something critical, severe, or trying. Its secondary meaning, cross-shaped, actually stems from the Latin term for cross. The author believes we are living in the most crucial days of human history; these days are critical, trying, and severe. The Bible has prophesied that the days before the coming of the Lord will be filled with global apostasy.

These crucial days of global apostasy are marked by a falling away within the institutional church. Therefore, the triumphing truths of the Cross become a greater necessity for the biblical Christian life in such times. In this compilation of articles, the author affirms that the Lord through His eternal Word has given to us Cross-truths for crucial days.

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From the Preface

Crucial Truths for Crucial Times (Volume I) is published at the conclusion of my three years as president of Foundations Bible College & Theological Seminary and as pastor of Foundations Bible Collegiate Church. Having served as vice president and associate pastor since 1980, I was appointed by the Board of Trustees to be the second president and pastor of this ministry following my father’s diagnosis with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) in August of 1999. In January of 2000, I became the editor of Straightway, the published voice of the Christian Purities Fellowship, an outreach arm of the College. It was then, and is now, my deep desire to "Forward the Faith" which had been committed to me by my mentor, teacher, and earthly father, Dr. O. Talmadge Spence. For these years I have desired to perpetuate the literary voice of Straightway by confronting the contemporary as my dear father had done since 1973 (the year of the inception of the CPF and its newsletter).

This volume contains the articles that appeared in Straightway from 2000 through 2002. It is our hope and prayer that the compilation, which has been requested by many individuals, will prove to be a continued blessing amidst these days of deepening global apostasy so prophesied in Scriptures to arise before the coming of the Lord.

As we observe so many who once stood for God now compromising and capitulating to the very enemy they once stood against, we send this book forth with the conscious need of God to bless, keep, and preserve us in the days ahead.

H. T. Spence
August 2003

Table of Contents


  • Prayer: A Precious Benefit in the Christian Life

  • The Separatist Heart of the Christian Fundamentalist

  • The Death of Character

  • Preparing for Our Appointed Times (Is the First Amendment of Our Constitution Now Being Viewed Differently?)

  • The Historical Christ in the Passover

  • The Decline of Honorable Intelligence
    Fundamentalism: The Next Generation

  • A Founder’s Plea: The Whitefield Plea

  • The Crossover: A Growing Trend in Christianity
    Jesus, “The Messiah”

  • The Three Aspects of Prayer

  • The Martyrdom of Naboth and His Sons

  • The Peril of Permissiveness

  • A Place Where God Shall Choose to Cause His Name to Dwell

  • The Fire Before the Rain

  • A Forgotten Tragedy in History: The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis

  • The Powers of Terrorism on the Planet Earth

  • The Powers of Islam

  • The Celebration of Christmas Calmly Considered from a Christian Perspective

  • The Invocation upon God (Genesis 4:25-26)

  • God’s Plea for Consecration: Leviticus Eight

  • Fundamenticide

  • The Arab-Israeli Conflict

  • “It Shall Wither in All the Leaves of Her Spring” (Ezekiel 17:9)

  • The Need of Bible Prophets in Our Times

  • The Weighing of the Treasury

  • The Tabernacle: To Cover and to Bear

  • The Danger of the World Teaching Our Children Music

  • And the Virgin’s Name Was Mary