The Pentateuch
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The PentateuchHardcover Foundations Bible Commentary O. Talmadge Spence

The lifetime work of the founder of Foundations Bible College, this complete running commentary implements the contemporary audience with Biblical, theological, and practical Bible study. Other commentaries in the series include The Book of Joshua, The Song of Solomon, and The Book of Revelation.

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From the Foreword

Foundations Bible Commentary does not plow up the past ground of the more excellent reference works of great Christian scholars; it is the work, in reality, of one man who gained his exodus from sin and a system. If the words do not fit the language of every other fundamental, evangelical Christian, it was not so intended. It is the hope of your unpretentious scribe to speak and write simply if not fully, upon terms and passages of Scripture, as he is able, without being categorized or identified as a theological system or a contemporary echo. All of these words have been born in the fire of persecution, controversy, and acrimonious foes; while seeking, quite often, morning, noon and night, a prayerful perusal of God's infallible Word for thirty-five years. Volume One has been eighteen years in its acquisition, and three years in its final editing. More than anything, it is the honest heart-throb of one Christian individual who was caught in a sovereign appointment, to struggle away from a fading and failing human system of ecclesiastical logistics propounded beneath the facade of an institutional church by those who ought to have been spiritual giants in this last Age.

It is the fervent desire of this author to be identified with that modest company, in this great twentieth century, who disturb the Apostasy; who speak of the fundamentals without dead orthodoxy; who plead for spirituality without being charismatic or legalistic; who pray for the Spirit of Truth in the daily witness and public proclamation of the Truth of the Spirit; who long for dignity and congenial fellowship in the bold military of Christ's warfare; and who persist in being a Fundamentalist without the harshness and sectarianism attached to some of that name.

With our pen filled only with ink, but our heart filled full of hope, we witness that Jesus now leads all the pathways; and the Holy Spirit guards all the gates of the true Christian life, unto the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. The Genesis of Creation (1:1-2:3)
III. The Genesis Generations of the Heavens and the Earth (2:4-4:26)
IV. The Generations of Adam (5:1-6:8)
V. The Generations of Noah (6:9-9:29)
VI. The Generations of the Sons of Noah (10:1-11:9)
VII. The Generations of Shem (11:10-26)
VIII. The Generations of Terah (11:27-25:11)
IX. The Generations of Ishmael (25:12-18)
X. The Generations of Isaac (25:19-35:29)
XI. The Generations of Esau (36:1-8)
XII. The Generations of Esau's Sons (36:9-37:1)
XIII. The Generations of Jacob (37:2-50:26)
XIV. Summary
I. Introduction
II. The Way Out of Egypt and Sin (1:1-15:21)
III. The Way into Canaan and Holiness (15:22-40:38)
I. Introduction
II. The Offerings: The First Principles of Holiness (1:1-7:38)
III. The Priesthood: The Great Beauties of Holiness (8:1-10:20)
IV. The Holy Things: The Good Commands of Holiness (11:1-15:33)
V. The High Priest: The Holiest of All (16:1-34)
VI. The Blood: The Element of Holiness (17:1-16)
VII. The Practical: The Daily Life of Holiness (18:1-22:33)
VIII. The Feasts: God's Times of Holiness (23:1-25:55)
IX. The Condition: The Blessings and Curses of Holiness (26:1-46)
X. The Vows: The Different Values of Holiness (27:1-34)
I. Introduction
II. At Sinai: Preparation for the Journey (1:1-10:10)
III. In the Wilderness: The People's Unbelief, Wanderings, Failures, and Sufferings (10:11-19:22)
IV. At the Wilderness End: Death and a New Generation (20:1-29)
V. At Hormah: The Journey Resumes (21:1-22:1)
VI. At Moab: Incidents, Laws, and Summaries (22:1-36:13)
I. Introduction
II. The Law in Retrospect (1:1-4:49)
III. The Law in Introspect (5-26)
IV. The Law in Prospect (27-30)
V. Closing Words and Events (31-34)