Until I Die, A Preacher Am I!
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Until I Die, A Preacher Am I!Softcover H. T. Spence
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From the Author

Amidst the great falling away of our times, I believe the greatest need at this hour in history is godly, Holy Ghost anointed preachers who are willing to pick up the mantle of God’s men of the past and declare uncompromisingly, “Thus saith the Lord!” to this present ungodly and wicked generation.

It is with this pressing burden that I have desired to write this book, pondering and investing in its hopeful reality for the last 30 of my 48 years in the ministry. Therefore, written for the younger generation and especially for those who will dare heed the call of God to preach His Word, I send its burden forth.

May the fire of the calling ever burn until the end of our days! For “until I die, a preacher am I.”

Table of Contents

1. The Transformed Life
2. The Preacher’s Sovereign Call
3. The Preacher’s Personal Call
4. The Preacher’s Empowering
5. The Preacher’s Spiritual Growth
6. The Preacher’s Vision
7. The Preacher’s Personal Ethics
8. The Preacher’s Helpmeet
9. The Preacher’s Body
10. The Preacher’s Married Life
11. The Preacher’s Preaching
12. The Preacher’s Call to Death
13. The Call for Prophet-Preachers