Nobody Loves Me
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Nobody Loves MeAudio CD Mrs. O. F. Walton “...Is it not sometimes a very little thing...which is the first link in a chain which leads on to very important things?” As the story of Old Grumpy begins, this “unloved and loveless” old woman opens her door to a small, insignificant visitor, the first link in a chain woven by the One who stood at her heart’s door, waiting to be let in. “There were more links yet to follow, sorrowful links for Old Grumpy, before the last link came which led her to the Lord himself.”
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About the Narrator

Mrs. Robin Huff is the wife of Rev. Garry Huff, pastor of Emmanuel Bible Church in Murrell’s Inlet, South Carolina. This recording originally aired on Mrs. Huff’s FBC Radio program, The Children’s Storytime.

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