The Epistle to the Hebrews
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The Epistle to the HebrewsHardcover “Let us go on unto perfection” H. T. Spence A softback version is also available for purchase.
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Although there are several themes and sub-themes running throughout this precious epistle, the key purpose of Hebrews is to strongly declare that we as Christians are living far beneath our privileges in Christ Jesus.

Oh, how shallow do professing Christians live today! How often we hear individuals make claims of Christianity, yet show little evidence of it in their lives. Is this all there is to Christianity? Is a christian simply a soul saved from hell? Is the power of Christ’s death on the cross limited only to this? There must be more to the christian life than what we are witnessing in the churches today!

Does God save us on the road of life with no provision for an abundant life, a deeper life, or a victorious life? The purpose of the epistle to the Hebrews concerns the saving of the whole life, God saving us unto the uttermost. This truth is most important for the remnant around the world. There is more truth needed beyond the new birth. The new birth is only an entrance into the kingdom of God; this door leads to the great spiritual world of the kingdom that can be known through the redemptive work of Christ and the accompanying power of the Holy Spirit. How sad it is that many Christians do not know they have such rich privileges in Christ.