Crucial Truths for Crucial Days (All Six Volumes)
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Crucial Truths for Crucial Days (All Six Volumes)Softcover Pertinent Articles from the Straightway Publication H. T. Spence

Crucial Truths for Crucial Days is a compilation of articles taken from Straightway, the published voice of the Christian Purities Fellowship, an outreach arm of Foundations Bible College.

The word crucial in its primary meaning suggests something critical, severe, or trying. Its secondary meaning, cross-shaped, actually stems from the Latin term for cross. The author believes we are living in the most crucial days of human history; these days are critical, trying, and severe. The Bible has prophesied that the days before the coming of the Lord will be filled with global apostasy.

These crucial days of global apostasy are marked by a falling away within the institutional church. Therefore, the triumphing truths of the Cross become a greater necessity for the biblical Christian life in such times. In this compilation of articles, the author affirms that the Lord through His eternal Word has given to us Cross-truths for crucial days.

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