The Human Spirit, Volume Two
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The Human Spirit, Volume TwoHardcover A Series of Theological Devotional Discourses O. Talmadge Spence Completed within months of his death, the final works of Dr. Spence are a presentation on the human spirit. In a series of theological discourses, two volumes become a sequel to his earlier writing The Quest for Christian Purity, a large literary work of needed study for any Christian who desires a deeper walk and life with God.
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Excerpts from the Book

There was a time when the theological discourse was most prominent in the writings of the men of God, and we have suffered much as a result of its disappearance. This was particularly appropriate in the days of our Puritan writers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

It used to be in the heart of the men of God to spend their entire lifetime moving in and out among the fundamentals of the great historic Christian Faith. Reinforcing these great truths with great connecting links between each of the fundamental truths, there was formed a total fabric of a one-cloth truth that would lead the Christians through all the various compartments of life. This fabric of truth wore well in better days. However, in our time, we crave the little truth, the Christian calendar text-for-the-busy-day. We swallow a devotional book to comfort our religious daily duty, but we begin to starve for God. Not believing we are really starving for God and hungering for a deeper faith, we fall back on trivia and religious entertainment, thinking “Jesus” in any form is Jesus in the singular form, all The Holy Scriptures.

This book will be useless to the reader unless we establish quickly where the study of the human spirit must lead us. Anything known about a creature who is human commences in the fall of man. At the other end of the revealed Word of God lies the redemption of man by the free grace of God as set forth in the Cross of Calvary where Christ Jesus died for our sins according to the Scriptures (I Cor. 15:3).

Therefore, we may view man—the human spirit—in the fall or in the Cross. We begin this unpretentious book with man in creation and the fall, as well as in the Cross and redemption.

Table of Contents

Preface to Volume I
Preface to Volume II
Introduction to Volume I
Introduction to Volume II
1. Illuminated Gazingstocks
2. Indwelling Thoughts of True Sorrow
3. Keep Your Eye On the Peaks
4. Vision From Elevation
5. Papyrus Scraps
6. The Christian and The Spiritual
7. Josephus and Prophecy
8. Grace to Grace; Faith to Faith
9. What Will the Tree Be?
10. Twin Troubles With Talk and Walk
11. I Have Been a Puritan; I Am Now a Pilgrim
12. The Wonderful Left Hand of God
13. Aloneness of Man, Graciously Subdued
14. The Eye Is Our Window
15. Sincerity: An Endangered Species
16. He Left Glory, Bringing Glory
17. Wounds in Paradise
18. The Fish Family
19. The Scallywag Pin
20. Biblical Principles in Biblical People
21. The Impossibilities of God
22. Practicing Orthodoxy . . . Predicating Orthopraxy
23. The Broken Man
24. Wandering Stars
25. Pornography in the Pharmacy
26. Shades of Scarlet Sin
27. When God Makes A Historical Case of Grace
28. Ring It, Preacher! Ring It!
29. God: The Noun of the Word
30. Living on the Line
31. The Danger of Climbing Higher
32. The Naivety of the Nativity
33. Go to the Field!
34. Awake, Psaltery and Harp
35. The Providence of the Interstice
36. The Whole Missing Chain
37. Preaching the Negative
38. The Babe of Bethlehem; But Jesus of Nazareth
39. The Order of Headships
40. We Stand Where They Stood
41. The First Prayer in Congress
42. The Sound of Sirens
43. Preserving the Preserved Word
44. A Ministry, Not a Market
45. A Man Named Washington . . . A Man Named Marx
46. Forty-one Presidents; But Only One God
47. The Theory of the Evolutionist
48. Pray for the World, and Art, Too
49. The Mercy of Mystery
50. Human Experience: Crisis and Process
51. The Bible and Language
52. Irrationalism: From Cosmos to Chaos
53. Deep Calleth Unto Deep, Dear Children
54. The Days of the Halcyon, Dear Sons
55. Remember Autumn’s Bridge, Dear Sons
56. The Bicentennial Year: 1976
57. Wadding With Watts
58. The Evening and Morning Star
59. Underneath, A Soldier
60. Revere’s Riders Ride Again
61. Sequoyah Saints
62. Rereading McGuffey’s Reader
63. King James Version Sacrilege
64. Public Schools in 1854
65. Abraham Lincoln’s Fizzle
66. Hell’s Human Intruders
67. Heaven: The Final Haven of the Human Spirit
The Human Spirit (The Long Poem Back Home)
The Aged and the Aging
The Will and Leading of God Through Scriptures
Preserving the Preserved Word at Anvil House
I. Proclaim the Fundamentals; Practice the Distinctives
II. Remember God’s Mercies in God’s Mysteries
III. God in a Nation, Is God in its Families
IV. Suffering Is Universal; A Special Suffering Is a Gift
V. Progress Dictates Art; Bad Progress Dictates Bad Art
VI. A God-Preserved Text; A God-Honored Interpretation 357