Foundations Bible College was born to be militant against the apostasy and magnificent for the Lord. We believe the best presupposition for the Foundations Schools is to maintain Christian Education in the context of the pure Word of God. The only purpose for Christian Education at Foundations is to serve the Christian Home, the Christian Church, and the Christian Ministry to the evangelism of sinners and the revivalism of the saints in the Graduation DayLordship of Christ. Upon this presupposition, as set forth by the founder and first president, Dr. O. Talmadge Spence, we welcome any Bible believing Christian who holds in faith the heart of a separatist fundamentalist.  The Foundations testimony believes in ecclesiastical separation and the fruit of the Spirit.

The College and Seminary is registered according to North Carolina law and monitored annually by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This is a non-denominational institution which persists according to the Oxford method of education in following a format of schools within the college. We are philosophically opposed to the modern presupposition of the Dewey-Mann concept of education. The following acknowledgments set forth the heart of this Holy Experiment in the Laboratory of the Holy Scriptures.


Seven Schools of the College

The Institute. For special students who are not working on a bachelor's degree (campus or correspondence studies).

The School of Religion. For students who wish to pursue English Bible instruction and adjacent religion courses. This is a double major in Bible and Religious Education distinguished from Theology. It includes practical religious subjects and witness extension.

The Divinity School. For those students who have been called of the Lord to be a minister of the Gospel as a pastor, teacher, evangelist, missionary. A call to the ministry, however, is not a necessity for the Bachelor of Theology.

The School of Fine Arts. Particularly for the students interested in pursuing some field of music or drama.

The School of Church History. For those students whose interests and calling are to serve Christ more in the teaching field of history.

The School of Christian Education. For students who wish to teach in a Christian school on an elementary, secondary, and high school level.

The Jacobus School. For students who are called to a ministry of Special Christian Care for those who have physical afflictions, remedial needs, or unusual abilities.

All students who enter Foundations on a freshman level and attend four years will get a double major in whatever degree they pursue. That double major includes Bible and Theology, Bible and Sacred Music, etc. Transfer students may get a single major if their credits equate to the Foundations Bible College Catalog. They must make up all deficiencies to receive a double major.

In these days of the modern apostasy, let us remember that there are many schools and many voices. There is only one School and voice that the Word of God reveals—the School of the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ in the very Word of God.  The exaltation of the name of the Lord Jesus is paramount in Christian Education! It is this end that dictates the means, the schools, the work, and a life that leads to Christian character. Above all other degrees,  the Biblical A.U.G. degree is the purpose of the learning process—APPROVED UNTO God.


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