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With programs in Bible, music, and education, Foundations Bible College and Theological Seminary seeks to prepare its students to live in their generation with a life built on Christ, marked with Christian character, and expressed in biblical culture. Take time to explore our site to learn more about the church, school, and ministries of Foundations.

Veritas Supra Omnis
“Truth Above All”


Nov 23

Shenandoah Harvest by the Wesley Society

5:00 PM

Nov 28

Thanksgiving Day Service

8:30 AM

Dec 13

Fall Semester Ends

8:00 AM

Jan 08

Special Evening Services

Jan 8–10

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Living in a Strange Land

Entering this series of articles concerning another prophetic perspective of the End Time, we must carefully acknowledge that the Bible is the only source of infallible Truth for man on this planet. Within this infallible revelation, God has revealed the path we are to tread; He also grants the light to find the path that we are to take. The Bible speaks of the precarious environment in which the Christian finds himself in this present evil world. From this precious book, we gain insight for living, either through principles revealed specifically for our times or patterns that bespeak the spiritual and moral climate of the days. This climate and age in which we live now is the burden of these articles.

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